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Meet us

We are sisters and have been working together as photographers since 2014. Photography has always been our passion and we have been developing it separately for as long as we remember but we have decided to embark on the professional journey together a few years ago. We feel incredibly lucky to have an opportunity to share our passion and grow artistically side by side. We have different personalities (you'll see when you meet us ;) ) but similar vision and aesthetics and we complement each other in our very unique way. 

We are on a constant journey to portray the world with more light, emotion and colour. Alongside working for our clients we love personal projects to inspire ourselves and keep on growing creatively   

“We are in love with photography- the light, the colours, the emotions... It is so rewarding to be able to share our passion, to constantly learn new things, meet wonderful people and to create unique images. We would love to hear from you about your wedding or upcoming project. Hope to see you soon! ”
Dagmara & Agata

Our Style

Our approach is contemporary, elegant and intimate. We keep up with the latest trends but we are also aware that trends come and go so we are drawn to the timeless feel. Our style can be best described as a mixture or fine art, portraiture and visual storytelling. We feel most at home photographing creative couples who love each other, embrace life and appreciate the value of emotive imagery. Our most important goal is to capture a unique story that reflects the true personality of each couple's wedding. If, like us, you  believe photography means much more than taking pictures or documenting reality get in touch, let's have a nice cup of coffee and see what we can create for you.